Offering a diverse menu of speaking engagements, experiential workshops, and cultural events, Loosid collaborates with service agencies, schools, and a fleet of gifted artists to create informing, inspiring, and uplifting opportunities.


Despite being widely regarded as a luxury or mere entertainment, the arts impact nearly every aspect of our culture. Art is a driving force in design, media, education, advertising, scientific visualization, fashion, and many more professional arenas.

Art is able to reach people who are not otherwise being reached and reach ALL people in ways they’re not otherwise being reached.

Through powerful speaking events, experiential opportunities, and dynamic arts experiences, Loosid shines a floodlight on how creativity can improve quality of life for our entire population, regardless of socio-economic status.


Over the years, I have watched Graham successfully immerse himself and his creative projects in many different communities. His dedication, skills, and talent are a unique and versatile combination.

Jennifer Pickering, Executive Director of the Lake Eden Arts Festival (LEAF)

Based in Oakland
Serving the World